“Ross the plumber” called this morning. I called him back and went through the following conversation:

I was there six months ago wasn’t I?

No, it was actually April last year.

Aren’t you on the ground floor on the corner near the garage?

No, I’m on the first floor.

I’ll have to arrange a time to come and take a look at the place.

A plumber came and looked at the place and took a report back about a fortnight ago.

I’ll refer it back to the Agent. Goodbye.

Citipower will connect the electricity on Friday ($25 fee vs $189 for the weekend). Their records show that it is already connected, so it will just be a matter of changing it over.

Telstra will move the phone across at 9 am on Saturday morning. The only problem could be if the line at the MDF in the garage has been reused. They are assuming it is free and so everything will be simple. If the line has been reused, it will require manual intervention and at least a week delay.

Tramp, Tramp, Tramp…

Another work day, another vet update (v1436). Each time there’s one of these it reminds me to make more time for the NAI replacement…

More success on a secure front. On Win2k, TRAMP is now successfully working under Xemacs with cygwin scp.

  • The Tramp makefile wouldn’t work, so manually did a byte-compile of all the lisp files manually.
  • Cygwin is OpenSSH v2, so it uses v2 keys. Needed to created a $HOME/.ssh/authorised_keys2 on silas. This explains why Teraterm was working with the public key, but Cygwin wouldn’t. Teraterm is v1 only.

Customer service

Visited the local photo developer who sent my films off to be and expressed my dissatisfaction. Unfortunately with the language gap between us we didn’t really get anywhere, so I left with $30 which he swore meant he was operating at a loss (despite charging me $60 initially), and with no CD. I guess in future I’ll stick to Kodak’s developing and scanning.