More on Melbourne’s drivers… Or should that be “Moron; Melbourne’s Drivers.” There just seems to be something about the mentality of smokers that can’t conceive of the idea that dumping a lit cigarette out the window of a moving car is firstly littering, and secondly, bloody dangerous to the motorcyclist behind who cops a face-full of it. Congratulations to the lady driving RAV4 Vic. rego ###-###, you get the idiot of the day award. On second thoughts, congratulations to the Victorian EPA for having a downloadable litter report form.

NT security, and a good reason to not give people the ability to boot your locked down workstations from a floppy disk. An article, and the tool — — referenced to reset Administrator passwords after booting from Linux.

I’ve dropped off my latest film to be developed. I think I’ve learnt my lesson after the last fiasco, so I’ve sent this one off to Kodak.

  • []: someone reminded me of this today. I urge everyone to read Bruce Schneier’s special issue regarding the September 11 terrorist attacks.