Last night was spent at a Billy Bragg concert. I’ve always liked his music, but never been a huge fan, some of his political rants seem too simplistic, too one-eyed. I was surprised though, in concert he was quite humorous, played really well despite the acoustics of the Melbourne Town Hall, and delivered three encores to a very appreciative audience.

I just found a quote that I think sums up my thoughts on a huge proportion of the email that I receive, and regrettably, on some of the email that I send:

Look at the culture of email. It’s alright to slap people around via email; it’s alright to send careless, half-decipherable messages for no good reason; it’s alright to contribute wholesale and without any thoughtful hesitation to the message overload of your fellows; it’s alright to fire off responses without having read the message you are responding to. Use email as vacuously and irresponsibly as you wish…

My latest photos have returned from Kodak, unlike the , they are of a decent quality and the scans are bearable. Obvious conclusion, Kodak knows how to develop and scan films, one-hour photo processing shops do not!