Another episode in the . I’m starting to think that businesses just don’t want our business.

Summoning up all of our courage, Jo and I drove off on a wet Sunday afternoon to do what every couple does β€” go furniture shopping. We tried another Barbecues Galore store, but they didn’t have the table we saw yesterday, in fact they didn’t have any small tables. We guessed that because we were out in the ‘burbs now, and its un-Australian to live anywhere other than in a big box of a house with 12 an acre of concrete and lawn, only big pieces of furniture for big Aussies can be sold.

Then we tried Ikea, now its probably five years since I last stepped through their doors and now I know why. A carefully designed corralling system so that the customer can’t go to the section they want, but must be herded sheep-like through the entire store. I found the whole thing insulting.

Last on the list was Freedom Furniture, a few tables visible, but nothing small. Then as we were leaving Jo spotted one buried under a pile of other stock. We tried valiantly to get the staff to show us one, they weren’t interested. Eventually they shifted half the stock off the table, but as I pointed out to them:

If I can’t see it, I’m not going to buy it.

note to shop: minimal wage == minimal interest