Almost incontrovertible proof that wyvern’s problems are heat-related. After 58 days of uptime, albeit through the not-very-warm December and January, I replaced the cover on . Walked into the study this morning to find that it had shut itself off.

While on the topic of miscellaneous electrical problems, I then went downstairs to ride the motorbike to work. The battery is dying, leaving it for two days without starting it is OK, three days and I had to jump start it from the car.

Saw a piece on Slashdot on “10 years from now” and the usual puff pieces on future OS research, but picked up a few interesting references on some of Microsoft’s research:

New thought. Maybe I should start the War Against the Popup. I’m growing to detest websites designed by people who are so insecure that they can’t include links without making sure that the link pops up a new window, they’re terrified that if their page disappears from view you’ll forget all about them.


1 [2002-07-11 Thu] Censored: the author of that page has me and insisted that I remove his name from this page.