Melbourne cycling

I finally got off my arse and cycled to work this morning, doing battle with the ‘orrible rear wheel from hell in order to inflate the tyre which still hadn’t been done since its return from the NSW ride! Only six degrees this morning, but a surprising number of people out on the track. The ride home was more exciting, I only had my flashing LED lights and they just aren’t sufficient for Melbourne’s cycle tracks, which are made even more hazardous by the number of idiots who’ve spent big money on their 50W lighting setups and have them pointing up in your eyes rather than down at the ground. It makes spotting the unlit, oncoming riders a bit of a challenge. Extra points for stupidity to the guy riding towards me with a flashing red light on the front, at least I managed to see him under a street light before trying to go around what I thought was a slower rider heading my way.


Plan9 4th edition has been released, I’ve downloaded the CD image and a boot floppy, but my T21 thinkpad won’t install. It gets part way through the boot sequence then simply stops. Last messages on the screen are:

Booting Plan9 (4th Ed)
#Y0 : TI PCI-1450 Cardbus Controller, 50000000 intl 11
#Y1 : TI PCI-1450 Cardbus Controller, 50100000 intl 11

I’ve read a couple of notes that suggest that the T21 has an Intel PC100 ethernet controller, even though it identifies it as a 3com one, but I can’t seem to get any further. All help and suggestions gratefully received!