It was a sleepy Sunday, as a result of last night neither of us got out of bed before noon!

I decided to attack my unsorted photos and finish putting them in albums, so I jumped on the bike and headed off to buy another album from the photo shop on Swan Street. It was shut, so was the other photo shop on Swan Street. Halfway home I thought I might as well visit the one on Bridge Road, he’d made a , but maybe buying an album was OK. He didn’t have any. One last chance as I tried the shop in the Richmond Plaza, only to find that they were also shut on Sundays.

The gods must be against me, I came back home and put the rest of my photos from 2000 and 2001 into the existing albums, discovering that I didn’t really need a new album after all. I must do something about scanning the outstanding APS films though.

Late in the afternoon it was time for some exercise and a little exploration of the far side of the river bank. The natives appeared friendly, and the architecture impressive. We had tried to walk down along the river from Hawthorn Bridge to Swan Street, but found ourselves stopped by private property in several locations. We did find a number of very impressive sized old mansions. A back alleyway as a short-cut turned into a dead end, but the gap in the fence at the end lead into the rail embankment, a brief scramble through the bushes and we could scurry through a hole in the wire fence and back out onto the street. Somewhat further along we finally did get back down to the river, at Power Street Reserve, the park which we’d both been thinking of in the first place! With our breath fogging the air, wet elms all around and people everywhere walking their dogs, it had the feel of a winter’s afternoon in an English park.

If only there was a public right-of-way along the river we could have made it the rest of the way to the Boulevard, but as it stands the private schools own the river frontage, so we could either walk east all the way to Glenferrie road then back along the bike path bridge, or retrace our steps to Swan Street. We chose to go back, stopping to peer in the windows of Watermark Appartments, the appartment development on the old tramways depot. Interesting to see the old depot under the new apartments, we’re wondering what they’ll do with it. Not so impressed to see apartments with windows at street level, two metres from Power street, with only a single pane of glass between them and the traffic!

sigh. I’m getting sick of either the lights or the wiring in this place. Just replaced two bulbs, one in each bedroom, and then discovered that one in the entry foyer has blown. There’s 24 bulbs in the place, I’ve replaced at least nine in nine months, and two work only intermittently!