Dee Dee Ramone is dead. chuckle the Ramones are leading the Beatles two to one1. I heard Julie is a Punk being played in tribute this morning on RRR. Wow, that was a demo from 1975… what were we all doing in 1975? I seem to remember Sherbet and Skyhooks, and Mrs Andrews my fifth grade teacher.

Favourite junk mail for today:

. [  30: customerservice5034l57@] Free Septic Tank Information 6618RdoT4-86-11

I’ve been looking at some of the photos that are online, especially some of the material on Reminded me again that I need to make a concerted effort to get all my old photos scanned and added to my archive, then post-processed so that they look OK! Dug into some of the processing software that came with my camera, stuff that I’ve never really looked at yet.

PhotoRecord seems to do a passable job of printing, at least on the only colour printer that I’ve got access to. I made a test page of the Birrarung Marr photos and all the problems were at the printer end, not with the software!

Ooh pretty lights

What is this business with the stupid little blue lights on car bonnets? Are blue glow-in-the-dark windscreen squirter nozzles meant to be cool or something? I was tailgated home along the freeway by a black ford ute EVLXR-6 with some this evening.


1 OK, I was wrong. For some odd reason I managed to forget Mr Harrison and only remembered the dead Lennon. It’s a two-all draw.