PHP and emacs

Useful snippet for formatting PHP files. Handy if I’m going to try and delve into postnuke any more. It is generating some abominable HTML, a mix of HTML 4.01, XHTML and just plain wrong.

(defun php-mode-hook ()
(setq tab-width 4
c-basic-offset 4
c-hanging-comment-ender-p nil
(and (string-match “/\\(PEAR\\|pear\\)/” (buffer-file-name))
(string-match “\.php$” (buffer-file-name))))))

TV and le Tour

I carefully left work so I could drop in on friends and watch SBS’ 6.30 pm to 7.00 pm coverage of the Tour de France… Arrived spot on 6.30 pm, just as Marko turned the TV off. Somehow I’d misread the times from the TV guide. Damn, missed all the excitement of the Aussies ranking up high. Robbie McEwen is third overall, Baden Cooke thirteenth, Brad McGee sixteenth and Stuart O’Grady twenty seventh!