So much for the nice weather! Today it was back to grayness, windy and cold.

Spent the morning being a good little aunt and uncle and looking after Jack while his mum and dad went off to a brunch. A rather entertaining time for all concerned as Jack explored the wardrobes in the spare room, just in case someone had hidden any trains in there, and attempted to drive a large steam-engine around the lounge room floor. After assisting us with two bowls of soup and a large quantity of partly chewed toast, he placed a prize chocolate biscuit into his shirt pocket and left with his parents, leaving us to have a much needed afternoon nap!

Rejuvenated, it was with some trepidation that we ventured out this evening to see Minority Report at the Rivoli, the story had sounded good, the reviews promising, but just seeing Tom Cruise’s name in the credits made me cringe… Unnecessarily as it turned out, I thoroughly enjoyed it, despite jumping half out of my seat a couple of times and nearly scaring Jo out of hers in the process.

Then home for the final stage of the Tour de France. Full of interest until the end, the green jersey wasn’t decided until the last sprint for the finish. Robbie McEwen ended in green, Laurent Jalabert retired from racing while wearing the KOM, Lance, of course, was in the yellow.