A memorable day. My “quick trip into the city at lunch time” turned into a bit of a nightmare. There was a parade to celebrate the home-coming of the Australian Commonwealth Games team, so Collins Street was closed off, assorted side streets were closed off, traffic police were directing traffic every which way, and general mayhem was in the air. I eventually managed to park on Elizabeth street and walk up the road to pick up the mighty secret which can now be revealed to the world…. Jo’s engagement ring. Eek! There it’s been said in public now. I even managed to get soaked on the way back to work by misjudging the rain clouds.

The ride home almost became traumatic too. Only a block from home in the dark, in the wet, as I started to turn right into Khartoum Street I slowed, wondering what had caught my eye, then hit the anchors as the unlit cyclist turned across in front of me! I yelled out “get a #$$%^^ headlight” as I went past, he got angry and put on a massive sprint up behind me, screaming abuse. Fine with me if he wants to leave the gene-pool, I just hope he does it in front of someone else.

Spent a frustrating night sitting at home by myself. Jo was caught up at work and didn’t have time to come home before going out to the theatre, leaving me facing a small box containing a small ring. As punishment, when she did get home I pretended that I hadn’t had time to go into the city and didn’t have it.