Distance 93.8km

Escaped in the afternoon for a ride along the Great Ocean Road. Despite all my best efforts I couldn’t quite manage to get my average speed up to 30km/hr. Very light traffic, surprisingly few idiots on the GOR, a clear sky and magnificent views. Average speed was 29km/hr when I got to Apollo Bay, and despite the tailwind on the way home, fell to 28km/hr by the time I returned to Lorne.

Traffic on the way back reaffirmed my faith in motorists β€” first a light truck towing an unregistered caravan, the van was swerving around in gentle s-bends, if I tried hard I could probably have stepped off the bike and into the van through the open door. Close behind was a ute towing a trailer load of crap, looking a lot like all the scaffolding to hold the caravan up. About 30 seconds after it passed I watched a 2 foot section of timber fly off the back and into the oncoming lane. Neither the caravan or trailer had any lights, so the next motorist behind them very nearly ran into the back going down the hill under brakes.