It was a dark and stormy night… and as a result, the rain and hail kept me awake for most of it! Clear and sunny by morning so I cycled in to work, then sat and watched the clouds roll in for the rest of the day, heavier by the hour.

A minor scare on the bike track this morning — just past East Malvern station there was an empty twin baby-stroller parked on the grass. It was where there’s a gap in the barricade to keep people off the tracks — I had visions of seeing a depressed young mother and her two kids on the tracks — a quick look around and there’s nobody in sight. I guess it’s just been stolen and dumped there…

I’m still fiddling around with style sheets… I like the look of waferbaby’s site — — and he (or she) does say to use it if you like it. I might try an adaption of same.

Riding home this evening I think the cold weather was affecting peoples’ brains. There seemed to be a large number of idiots on bikes; first one of my favourites — a near-miss with someone with the red-light on the front, shortly afterwards I had to swerve around a stationary cyclist parked facing the oncoming traffic, yabbering on his mobile phone, the final one was an oncoming rider with a dim yellow flasher not being able to see the path and riding around a curve and straight at me.