A successful visit to the Prahran market — Spanish food and drink were on display, and despite the mindless spruiker with a microphone, we managed to taste an assortment of olives, oils and drinks, find a source of the Pedro Ximinez sherry that so took . The spruiker was a woman who seemed to have been lifted straight from a large department store — able to talk constantly, without actually knowing anything about the products she was promoting.

This evening at the Corner Hotel, Died Pretty played their final-ever gig — unless they decide to reform some time in the future and play some more. The place was packed, most of the crowd were quite old fans, some obviously enjoying their first gig in months or even years. I was amused a the number of people who seemed to be having a “rebellious cigarette” — they just looked as though they didn’t normally smoke, and were having one for a special occasion. All the old favourite songs, all Ron Peno’s more bizarre dance moves, and apart from having my foot stamped on by an over-eager pogoing fan — and didn’t she look silly — the night was good.