Yay! Monash has processed the change to my bank details… one more step on the way to dumping the Commonwealth Bank. Probably be another month before the other companies manage to process the automatic deductions — then I guess I find out whether the devil I knew was better than the devil I half know…

Oops … I saw a reference to David Brin’s web site, which reminded me of a book he’s written that I’d like, which reminded me of other books I’d like, which had me visiting Amazon.com and ended up with me spending money. It’s all just too easy.

It must be book day. At lunch time I went to get some money out of the bank, on a whim I ducked into the bookshop in the Student Union, quarter of an hour later I walked out with “A Parrot in the Pepper Tree” the sequel to a book I like, and “Warrior Class” a very trashy Dale Brown novel … but at $5.95 it was a very cheap trashy novel.

News Flash — Nigerian Business Opportunity, I don’t know whether to laugh or cry, I’ve just received my third Nigerian Business Opportunity this week. Two purporting to come from Congo, one from Nigeria.