It’s been tempting for a few weeks — ever since the old Mamod steam engine was dug out of the cupboard as part of the “Jack Entertainment Equipment,” we’ve been dying to fire it up and see if it still works! A bottle of metho. purchased especially for the job, a large clear patch of floor, some muttering and incantations over the half-remembered start-up procedures, a long drawn-out pause as we waited for the steam pressure to build up, then we’re off! Round and round the kitchen floor, hissing and rattling before all too soon coming to a halt.

  • I should have known that Mamod would have a webpage! Everybody has a webpage. Every thing seems to have a webpage as well.

Off for a much-needed ride in the afternoon … down to Mordialloc and back for a late lunch in the sun, a lazy quarter of an hour spent sitting watching the boats. Its not a particularly imaginative route, down Beach road and back, but it does have good views.