One more tiny step on my way with Plan9… Today I managed to upgrade the T21 from the CD, maybe I’ll be able to compile a kernel that can use the embedded 3com network card and not lock-up the machine.

mount /srv/9660 /n/dist /dev/sdD0/data
replica/pull -v /dist/replica/cd


Flicking through the Green Guide section of The Age I was happy to see that the feature on digital cameras pretty much agreed with me, the Digital IXUS was the camera of choice in that range. The other interesting device was a stand-alone hard drive that I saw in an advertisment, 20 or 30Gig in a device about the size of a paper-back book. Has a card-reader slot and doesn’t need to be attached to a computer — when your camera’s memory card fills up, plug it into the drive and it automatically down-loads all the images. Ref.