Are there prizes for bizarre motorist behavior? Is the warmer weather affecting their minds? Just how many people believe that only other drivers need to obey law regarding mobile phones and driving? Sadly, I don’t think I’ll ever know the answers to these questions, but after managing to make it to work on the roads with them this week, I’m getting more amazed by the day.

… there must be some way that I can hook up the USB webcam to the laptop and get some “commute-cam” footage….

I don’t know whether this should make me feel better or worse. Yobs don’t just abuse cyclists from their cars, they’re quite happy to scream at pedestrians as well…“Get a f#$%ken haircut C#@T” rang out loud and clear from the occupants of the white Ford XD wagon, rego. ###-### as I walked along Beach road in Brighton, on my way to pick up the tandem for the weekend.