Slowly stepping onwards — niflheim is now running at 1280x1024x8 by changing /n/9fat/plan9.ini to include:


None of the 1600x1200 monitors available in /lib/vgadb work with the Hewlett Packard HP91 that I’ve got, so for now 1280x1024 is the best I can do. They all nearly work, but with terrible refresh rates or poor use of the screen…

(cm751, cm801u, mf8221e, pro502, 445x, p815, a901h) Under WinXP, the HP91 runs at 1600x1200 at frequencies 93.5kHz horizontal, 74.9Hz vertical). The HP P4 machines have a Rage 128 Pro video adapter, I wonder if they’ll be any easier to get working than the assorted S3 variants in the IBMs?