yawn. For some stupid reason I woke up at around 2:30 this morning and couldn’t get back to sleep, it wasn’t helped by not getting to bed before midnight — so now I have to try and survive Monday without falling asleep on my feet.

Interesting fun and games across the street at breakfast time — as I sat down to coffee and toast I noticed two of Victoria’s finest Police officers standing around waiting at the door. Eventually the occupants came out, she in pyjamas, he dressed, and a great arm-waving discussion took place with the girl. Arms were waved, mobile phone calls were made, documents were shaken about. The most interesting part of it was that one of the coppers was quietly having a cigarette the whole time, cupping it out of sight in his hand like a naughty school kid. Unfortunately my camera isn’t quite up to surveillance standards, so you’ll just have to take my word for it!

Now I wonder who was the genius who put the application for a car-park permit on my desk at work? $50 to battle it out with the students in the blue areas, $316 for the exclusive staff-only parks… on the other hand I could just stick to riding the bikes and park for free. You would have thought that after six years my cow-orkers would have figured out that I don’t drive a car to work.

… and a quick visit to the doctor has reassurred me that the mysterious lump in my left ring-finger is scar tissue on the flexor tendon sheath — probably from vibration or gripping handlebars too hard on the tandem! It should go away in a couple of weeks, I’m to take it easy on the handlebars…