Its either a sure sign of senility, or of hanging around with a two-year-old nephew for too long. Tonight we went off to the HiFi bar to see Mick Thomas and the Sure Thing play, supported by Gorgeous and the Drowners. During the Drowners’ set, Stewart (Stuart?) from the Sure Thing was standing near Jo and I watching them. The conversation between Jo and I was something along the lines of:

“Isn’t that one of the …”

“Yep, Stewart, one of the Sure Thing.”

“So, is he Thing One or Thing Two?”

Half the audience stood around looking like stuffed fish all night long — looked like they would like nothing better than for it to finish so they could go home to bed. Too much effort to be out to a gig on a Friday night. There was one song that caused a bit of confusion, I could have sworn I’d heard it before, yet Mick announced it as a new song — I guess I’ll just stay confused.

The encore was “Made of Stone” by the Stone Roses, and odd choice, but one that Mick has sung a few times before. I nearly laughed when I looked around and saw all the old people in the audience singing along, and all the young ones who weren’t around in the mid 80’s looking puzzled.

We thoroughly enjoyed the Drowners, as well as Mick and the band, so on the way out treated ourselves to a copy of their CD (Far From Home), together with two No Sleep Til Richmond tee-shirts — in anticipation of the Christmas Eve gig at the Corner.