Not quite the end of the drought — but it was pissing down all night. There was about half an inch of water in the containers on the balcony, and Gardiners creek was a churning mass of mud, water, and polystyrene run-off from all the surrounding suburbs. My timing was perfect this morning — the ride was humid, but there was no rain. Then half an hour after I arrived, it started pouring again.

… about 12mm according to the weather bureau. It certainly came down in a hurry though, on the ride home Gardiners creek had flood marks nearly two metres above the current water level! Heading down into the underpass at Toorak road a rider coming the other way yelled out and warned me about the mud — a thick, black, slimy, stinking coating of evil black goo, slippery as grease. When will the idiots start to design bike tracks, rather than just squeeze them in along storm-water drains?