Saturday morning at Lorne, the standard ritual: Toast, coffee, and the newspaper, followed by a walk down the hill then around the beach to the pier. The tide is the lowest I can remember, and we could walk out under the pier, something neither Jo nor I could remember ever being able to do. A striking view out from under the concrete piles towards the bay.

The exceptionally low tide provided us with a myriad of rock-pools that aren’t normally visible. The number of people now visiting the beach seems to have resulted in all the normal rock-pools being bereft of any life other than a handfull of snails, but the pools revealed today were swarming with different types of fish, small crabs and crayfish and shellfish of all kinds.

… and in world-shattering news, I actually went for a swim this afternoon. Highly unusual, all around me were shocked! My dislike for cold water and the beach at Lorne don’t usually go well together, but the weather was hot and the sea not as frigid, so in I went.