Time for a little site maintenance — I’ve split up some of my bookmarks, so that the cycling and electronics ones appear separately under their respective pages. Finally commissioned the hardware pages too, although sometimes I refer to them as hardware, and sometimes as electronics… ought to make up my mind one day. Still need to rework my cycle tours/rides pages, and finish going through all the old paper journals to write up the missing tours!

Off to the movies this evening. About time we saw Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets, or Chamber Pot of Secrets, or whatever its called… Entertaining, but definitely not for arachnaphobes! There are some very large and very hairy spiders in the movie. A long movie too, I’m glad there weren’t too many kids in with us! Irritatingly foppish Kenneth Branagh, and a number of other wondrously pantomime-esque characters. We didn’t stay for the entire ten minutes of credits, so we missed the “easter-egg” scene at the end… oh well.