A whole mish-mash of thing today, here they all are, jumbled one after the next.

Ah the wonders of slashdot… One of today’s stories touched an interest of mine — Geographic information in the Internet. There are already a couple of RFC’s [1712, 1876] on how to add Latitude and Longitude to the DNS, this story was on GeoURL’s method of including the information into webpages, blogs, etc. I’ve added the requisite headers1, follow the pretty green button to find out who my neighbours are:


Without borrowing a GPS unit from anyone, Burnley, Victoria is at 37.82° south, 145.01° east. So, in goes the information:

<meta name="ICBM" content="-37.82,145.01">

Others in the bund community appear to have read the same slashdot article… all of a sudden beebo.org has appeared as a neighbour.

An email this morning from Thorsten Tritschler [www.thotri.de] prompted me to update what little I know regarding my surname. It’s an unusual enough name, we’re probably related if we look back far enough…

I laughed at the following, so lets see how many emails I receive in response (although judging by recent newspaper articles, you could substitute Australia for the USA):

Are you overweight? Take this simple medical test to find out:

Stand with your arms hanging by your sides and your feet slightly apart. Now look out the window. If you see the United States of America, then you are overweight, because everybody here is. That’s why your arms are hanging by your sides at a 45-degree angle.

A couple of Plan9 snippets… the Venti-based file server (Fossil) is on its way. One step closer to me really thinking about building a Plan9 system. Notes from the wiki:


1 lost em?