Stupidly hot day today — a maximum of 44.1 °C, extreme measures were called for in order to cope. Even early in the morning it was too hot to stay in bed so we ended up getting up earlier than during the week! We found out later that it was 30 °C at 6 am!

Jo and I headed into the city and spent most of the afternoon inside Myer, looking around at wedding registry goods. I was half expecting the stores to be packed, but apparently nobody wanted to go out shopping because the outside was too hot — they were all either in their pools or inside the air-conditioned malls…

There must be an enormous amount of hot air being dumped in the city — somewhere all those air-conditioners must have their outlets!

The shopping was a success, the beers afterwards a blessed relief. We dropped in to the Mountain View on Bridge road on the way home — not having been there since their renovations almost a year ago. A large selection of beers on tap, and the only place I know of that still has the James Squire ale on tap. Not much view of a mountain from there any more though, the pub could probably be renamed the “Epworth Hospital View” .