Today 0km
Trip total 270km

Rest days on tour when camping are a problem — I tried to sleep in past seven but the sun on the tent and beer in the bladder forced me up and out. Breakfast was a subdued affair, hangovers all around me from those out partying late, and grumpy comments from those who had come home early and then been woken by those out partying late.

No visit to Goulburn would be complete without a meal at the Olympic Café, so I headed up there with most of the members of the Rusty Cranks. Too many options to choose from, I opted for an avocado and cheese croissant The food on the rides is generally pretty good, but its always nice to buy something that I want.

Then spent the rest of the day wandering around Goulburn, looking at the buildings and chatting to people — sitting in the park or looking in shops. Overall I was still feeling down, going away on a holiday while Jo has to work just doesn’t seem to work out, no matter how much I needed the break!

Later in the afternoon I finally managed to call my sister and we arranged to meet for dinner at the Workers Club — apparently renowned throughout NSW for its food. When Kathy and Cec turned up, she was worried that I’d had to spend the day alone in a strange town, it hadn’t quite clicked that there were a thousand people on the ride, and just how busy we tended to be!

Dinner at the Workers club lived up to its reputation, good cheap bistro food, but tastily prepared. Kathy and I both had lamb cutlets, while Cec opted for a Chicken Kiev that wasn’t quite a Chicken Kiev, some minor variation perhaps…

After dinner, another drink, and a long conversation, Kathy and Cec drove me back to the showground before heading home, and I walked back through the tents as this evening’s two-piece cover band launched into yet-another version of Brown-Eyed Girl…