Photo-related thoughts today — maybe I should bite the bullet and buy myself a scanner… the CanoScan FS4000US is recommended by a photographer here at Monash. About $1200 though. Maybe I can recoup some of the costs by scanning other peoples’ stuff… I couldn’t possibly do as as was done in the last one I paid for…

Canon CanoScan FS4000US, $800, $1200AU
Nikon Coolscan IV, approx. $1500AU

Lorne pier is in the newspaper, and not for a good reason. The crane has been condemned, the two remaining fishermen have been left high and dry. It will cost $100,000 to repair the condemned crane — the same crane that was passed as “perfectly OK” 12 months ago. Guesses are that since the chairlift collapsed at Arthur’s Seat, the yearly inspections have become just that little bit more rigorous!

Today’s motorist-related activity was “Setting Fire to Stuff.” The morning’s entertainment provided by an immense cloud of pungent black smoke rising from the Ferntree Gully road bus depot — burning tyres I believe. In the afternoon, Gardiners road contained in order: a chunk of metal, a long trail of petrol, a smouldering Gemini and a discarded fire-extinguisher.