The laughter abounds. It seems that recently, I try to look at an Australian product website, I find that they’ve been written by a demented 10 year-old who would fail basic English.

  • Q. Can I divide partition the Anypak Drive?: A. Of course you can, just like any other drive. However due to a bug in Windows, it is recommended that for stable use, you do not partition the drive.
  • Q. Can I boot my computer from the Anypak?: A. Unfortunately, you can not boot from the Anypak. Booting sequences are decided by CMOS BIOS and CMOS BIOS does not support booting by USB. USB is recognised only once CMOS BIOS has booted.

Wording? Facts? who needs ‘em. Will I buy the product… Not bloody likely! (Shame about the machines that boot from USB, they’ve just been told they don’t exist)