The perfect end to the day… There I was, minding my own business, riding home along the bike track under the Citylink tollway when all of a sudden a girl heading the other way yells out “Slow Down!” I rounded the curve to find a Volkswagen Golf stuck at the bottom of the track, nose up to the bollards that are designed to prevent motorists from driving in to the bike track. I guess there is nothing at the other end to stop them coming in, half a kilometre back! I would have thought that driving for that distance along a 2m wide red track, with hand rails either side would be enough to make the driver stop and think…. I just managed to squeeze past, shaking my head in bemusement at the befuddled looking old man in the driver seat.

Unfortunately my camera didn’t want to focus on the car at night, or maybe I was laughing so hard that my hands shook too much, anyway, I couldn’t capture a picture to add to my collection of “Things I Have Met on the Bike Path.”

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