Damn it was cold this morning! I must be getting soft in my old age. Radio reported that it was 3 °C while I was listening in bed, coldest I can remember hearing while I’ve lived in Melbourne, but I don’t think I’ve ever seen a decent frost here!

Riding to work was a numbing experience for the fingers though, foolishly I left the warm winter gloves at home and opted for the ordinary ones. Frost on the grass and a strange lack of people walking their dogs…

Riding home was much warmer… but there was this one BMW — a blue one, 3 series — being driven by a lady who I could have sworn was drunk.

First she stopped at the Dandenong road/Orrong road corner with half her car in the right turn lane and half in the through lane, but a car and a half length back from the car in front.

I caught her again at Orrong road/High st corner, she looked like she was going to turn left, the car was angled about 30° in the lane, the front bumper overhanging the curb. The lights went green and she wound the wheel around, bumped the kerb, and went on straight.

I caught her again at Malvern road lights and stayed well back, she stopped, opened the drivers door at the lights, half got out of the car, then sat back down and drove off, then closed the door.

A very, very scary person to be sharing the road with.