Let the ranting commence! I wouldn’t normally get to see it, but during a visit I glanced through the Herald Sun and found their usual anti-bike rantings. One report quoting that traffic was banked up “for several blocks” — indistinguishable from any other Friday night as far as I can tell, and then a venomous editorial that included this gem:

But there are plenty of parks, bike tracks and city public spaces where protesters can do it without disrupting a vast number of citizens. Less busy times, too.

It seems that they’re all for democratic rights and protests… so long as they’re carried out somewhere where nobody will notice and nobody will be inconvenienced.

Oh well, contrary to various fears expressed in cycling groups during the week, when I went out on a ride today I was not confronted by a baying mass of blood-thirsty motorists, anxious to run me down as direct payback for the actions of the 450 riders yesterday. Just a pleasant 30km out to Mount Waverley and back, the only excitement being a group of golfers who refused to share the shared path. They forced me to go around them through the mud, they got splashed with mud — c’est la vie.

Tonight was the much-anticipated 70’s 70th party. Nettie and Chris’ combined 30th and 40th birthdays… With a vague “hair” theme, it was amazing the lengths that some people went to. Prize comment of the night was Sean’s sudden realisation and “Oh! That’s your hair.”

Honorable mentions must go to the number of black afros, and Marko’s blonde mullet and matching pro-wrestler moustache.