There’s bird-life and other wildlife all over the place every time we visit. King parrots, Crimson Rosellas, Currawongs, Kookaburras and Magpies all come and feed off the balcony — but not all at the same time. The King parrots and Kookaburras will feed out of your hand, the magpies snatch food from your fingers, the currawongs are too shy with people, but scare all the others away! Assorted honeyeaters and tree-climbers flit around in the garden, never quite coming close enough to be positively identified. The kookaburra pictured was one of six that sat in the tree and watched John digging in the garden, completely fearless, just waiting for worms or lizards to be revealed.

Walking down the street half an hour later there was a wallaby feeding in the neighbouring block, it was too shy to approach close enough to photograph. Last time we visited there was a fox running across the road at same spot. Down at the river there’s a White egret that’s taken up residence, all weekend long we would see it wading in the shallows or along the tide line.

The better part of the day was spent riding along the Great Ocean Road, eastwards to Anglesea and back. Motor traffic was constant, but never more than a slight irritation — more an amusement at the antics some of the drivers. We’d been expecting cool weather, even a little rain, so the dry sunny conditions were a pleasant surprise, as was the tail wind in both directions! Almost unheard of, I think it must have changed around while we were sitting in Anglesea. The sea was almost dead flat all day, near Airey’s Inlet there were a couple of surfers paddling around very hopefully and chasing ankle-high waves.