Tired, sleepy, irritable. Tour de France live coverage. l’Alpe d’Huez.

Managed to drag myself out of bed this morning and make it to the point where I got to work. From there on it all seemed down hill. Warm and stuffy inside today, I’m trying hard not to fall asleep… and its only noon.

More electronic banking weirdness. This has happened before. The bank says I can’t use my credit card to pay my electricity bill because the electricity company won’t accept credit card payments. I quit out of the bank’s internet banking site, pick up the phone, and pay the bill with the credit card over the phone! Then send off the same email to both St George bank and Origin Energy asking them to explain what is going on. We shall wait with baited breath for a response…

Your message has been forwarded to St. George. A consultant will be contacting you shortly regarding your enquiry.

Origin Energy acknowledges receipt of your enquiry. Your enquiry will be actioned as a priority.

Oh well, at least Norco Australia have returned my bike computer — at least I think its my bike computer. Had to reset the wheel size back to 1975mm — clever me having recorded this the I reset the beast. I even took the time to reset the odometer back to 10248km, can’t be bothered working out how far I’ve ridden in the last couple of weeks though!