Up the road to the markets this morning — and first steps in taking the photos of . Unfortunately, the best place to photograph most of them is half-way across the nearest main road, or risk having passing traffic blocking the view. Royal Oak, DHR, the Spready, three down, twenty four to go… Down to the Burnley post office to pick up a parcel, oh no! What has happened to the Grand? A thick coat of drab olive paint on the outside, and a remodelled interior all decked out in mission brown. Too much of a shock, it was far too ugly to capture against the grey sky.

Pubs of Richmond: DHR

The weather forecast for tomorrow sounded worse than today, so off for some cycling this afternoon — and a visit to the Sydenham, the mystery twenty-seventh pub that neither of us could ever remember seeing. A couple of back streets and detours, captured the Royston and Earl of Lincoln along the way, then west along Elizabeth street and there it was, now renamed as the Richmond Tavern. Down along Punt Road in heavy Saturday afternoon traffic, I can never remember whether there are two pubs or only one along here… sure enough it’s two: the Royal and the Cricketer’s Arms.

Pubs of Richmond: The Earl of Lincoln

Enough pubs for one day, we continued down to the river and along the bike track past the ca$ino and down to Port Melbourne. Out onto Station pier for the full effect of the cold wet wind off the bay, old men bundled up and fishing at the end, the Spirit of Tasmania looming alongside. Grey skies turned to drizzle, drizzle eventually turned to rain. Time to head home by the shortest route possible.

Melbourne between spring rain storms: Grey skies and a thick brown river.