I think my bicycle has ears — or something. Half way to work this morning I met a girl walking along, pushing her bike. It was a scruffy old town bike, one of the pedals had sheered off at the crank, so she was walking home. I mentioned that there was an old-style bike shop in Oakleigh, the kind of place where the owner was likely to have a box of old pedals and could make a cheap repair. I also mentioned that I only knew of it because after breaking a seat-post bolt, I’d had to ride there standing up to get a replacement… Five minutes later as I was riding along, there was an almighty CRACK and my seat fell off — you guessed it, one of the seat bolts had snapped!

Yet again I find myself having to ride along standing up, seat stuffed in my bag, convinced that every passerby is wondering why I’m riding a bicycle with no bicycle seat. A quick detour into a very large Bunnings hardware store, a lengthy rummage amongst the shelves, a small pack of high-tensile bolts later and I’m back on the bike, off to work to start the day!