The costs of the bike keep creeping up… Investigating why my seat was still wobbling, I found that the bolts aren’t loose — the whole top of the seatpost has cracked, and only about 10% of the metal was holding it together! I’ve lost track of when I bought it, but I think it was sometime in late 2002. So much for the Sonic brand seatpost.

Initially I thought there was no damage to the bike, unfortunately there’s a lot of things to check, and shock doesn’t help. So far, for a crash where the other guy insisted that it “wasn’t necessary to exchange details,” and then refused to give me his name and number, I’ve found:

  • New seat post, about $30
  • Broken zoom-button on my camera, can’t repair, $600 to replace!
  • slight buckle in the front wheel
  • loose headset