Lego kills Firefox, news at 11… Off to the post office this morning to pick up a long-overdue parcel, I bought myself a toy from their sale bin. Bionicle #8591, suitable for ages 7+ so I guess that’s OK for me. Tried to put it together at lunch time only to discover that one of the important pieces is missing. Bother! Off to the Lego website, to see whether there’s any way of replacing missing pieces — it’s not like the old days when Lego consisted solely of simple blocks, every piece now seems to have one and only one function. Click on the “Client Service” link and Firefox promptly crashes. Not content with this, I restarted the browser and tried again… and again… Three attempts and three crashes, I’m convinced that it is indeed a reproducible problem! Start my trusty other browser — Konqueror — and off to the site to ask for my missing bit.

…and the words of the day from a spam is:

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Bizarre… and it almost makes sense, which is the scary part!

Home, then out for dinner and a movie with a friend of Jo’s; dinner at Silvio’s, cheap and yummy pizza as usual, then off to the Jam factory to see Tais Toi. I’m not sure what I’d expected, from the reviews I saw I’d guessed it was something along the lines of a light-hearted buddy movie, Jean Reno as straight man, Gerard Depardieu as comic. I hadn’t expected to be bursting out laughing almost constantly the entire time we were there. I thought it was hilarious. I guess now I should try to see the Dinner Game….

Back at home I was hanging up my polar fleece jacket and realised that it still felt strange — after five and a half years, the chestnut that I’ve been carrying around in the right-hand pocket is finally gone. The chestnut that’s been in the pocket ever since I picked it up while waiting in line to enter the Alhambra in ! All that time I’ve carried it around, I don’t put much in these pockets, but feeling it in there always brought a smile to my face, remembering those weeks cycling through … all that time I’ve carried it around until Jo stepped on my jacket on Sunday, unceremoniously crushing it! I guess that’ll teach me to leave my clothes on the floor!