Or so it seemed anyway. This morning’s newspaper contained a one page article on half of the remaining Ramones — Marky Ramone, the drummer. Tales of infighting, hatreds, partying. Do I want to know it, or will it diminish the cartoon-like mysticism of the band? One, Two, Three, Four… — what more is needed for an introduction? One magnificent quote made me chuckle:

Sure, there was Iggy and the Stooges, the MC5, but those bands played slow songs,…

Now who else in the world could get away with that?

Next Wednesday night at the Corner, he’s bringing his “video, slides and stories. It could be interesting, it could be sad.

Then this evening, off to drumming of a different sort. Taikoz were playing at the Alexander theatre at Monash, I’d have missed it completely except that just this once, the brochure that they send out to all staff fell open on my desk moments before I threw it at the bin. A mix of Japanese drumming and dance, almost theatrical, and it looks to be exceptionally physical! My only regret is that the big drum™ didn’t seem to be used often enough, it just stood there, looming over the stage.