Thoroughly caught up on all the missing sleep last night, then work up hungry and with a working shoulder again — I seem to have figured out a way of lying on it that doesn’t end up twisting or stretching it — at last. Jo was still sleeping, and almost needed a crowbar to shift her from the bed, so breakfast was late and lazy. We finally headed up the street towards the market sometime around eleven!

The good thing about arriving at the market late is that the excitement level has increased and everyone is trying that much harder to sell off the last of their stock. Even if they are running low on somethings, it definitely adds to the atmosphere. The noise and the colours and the people were all very human, and I finally remembered to take some photos of the colours and textures of the fruit and vegetables — some were all colours, other stalls a beautiful mix of greens.

Some half-hearted shopping on the way back home didn’t result in the present it was intended, but did increase the library by another three books. Something along the way triggered an inspiration though, so dropping the first load off at home we headed up along the river to the concrete monstrosity — Victoria Gardens — and dived into K-mart to buy the present that had eluded us… By then it was time for a late lunch, and all of sudden it was four in the afternoon and so little seemed to have been done!

Evening time rolled around, time to think about heading out for Kelvin’s drinks, but both of us felt exhausted. Something about the day, or the week, or the shape of the cosmos, neither of us felt like doing anything except sitting at home with a bowl of soup and a glass of wine. A lazy evening resulted, Joey reading the papers, me revisiting bits of my website and adding in page location information — and reading and remembering places and events…