With impeccable timing we arrived home in time to throw ourselves on the couch for the start of SBS’ live coverage of the eighth stage of the tour — except that the first half hour is excruciating studio commentary from the Sydney studios. I have nothing against Stephen Hodge, as one of five Australian cyclists to win a yellow-jersey he has my utmost respect — but I don’t think he’s one of the world’s great commentators, or even one of the world’s acceptable ones…. Half an hour of inanities before finally they cross to the live coverage from France!

A long chase through much of the stage and then infuriatingly, right in the last five kilometers, SBS interrupted the action for a long drawn out advertising break! Not content with that, when they returned it wasn’t back to the live coverage, we had to endure another ten minutes of “Australian studio content” before crossing back to France for some decent coverage. A great way to lose viewers SBS!