More fun and games with doors and locks. This morning I couldn’t lock the front door, the spare key I’ve been using just doesn’t seem to work properly. After a few minutes I gave up and retried my old key — the one that got damaged by the outside door a week ago — it got wedged inside the lock and snapped in half.

Ten minutes of fiddling about with a pair of wire cutters and I managed to grip the snapped-off bit and pull it out, another ten minutes and I managed to get the door to lock with the spare key. Then finally off to work — and to get a spare key cut of the new outside door key!

Getting home was a minor logistical problem: Jo has no key to the outside door, but a working key for the front door; I’ve got two outside door keys and a non-working front door key. She got home first and immediately retired to the pub, two beers and half an hour later the two of us managed to collectively open the two doors!