Nearly ended up being unable to go to work today! My key has finally stopped working completely in the front door, so Jo pre-locked the door on her way to work and left it open an inch or so for me to shut on my way out…

Using all three hands to shuffle bicycles around in the front room, I’d managed to balance Norky bike against my foot, had shifted Jo’s bike out with my left hand, and was extracting my old road bike from the back to ride to work… the front wheel spun round, the bike tipped over, the tyre hit the door and it started to shut! Not a chance of grabbing the door in time, I held my breath as it clicked in and popped back out again, allowing me to exhale, redistribute the bicycles, get on the one I wanted and then finally ride to work.

Oh yeah, I’ve finally ridden to work after a month or so of being a lazy fat bastard — I’d stopped when the new boss forbid us from parking “vehicles” inside the work area. No chance that any of the five cyclists in the group will leave their bikes outside, so that’s the end of any environmentally friendly transport in this group!

After a month I couldn’t stand it, I had to get back on the bike! I’ll take a risk and ride the old Peugeot, lock it up outside, hopefully out of the rain, and cross my fingers that it doesn’t get stolen or vandalised….