Police call for text messaging ban in cars

By Jason Dowling
August 1, 2004

Text messaging from cars would be banned and the penalties for using hand-held phones increased under a push by Victoria Police to curb the alarming rise in road fatalities linked to mobile phones, one of the state’s top traffic police said.

Why do we need yet another law, the current law prohibits “use of a hand-held phone”?

The current law is not observed by the public, why would a new law be?

The current law is not enforced by the police, why would a new law be?

Road Rules - Victoria.
Part 18 Miscellaneous road rules (Rules 287-304)

300. Use of hand-held mobile phones

(1) The driver of a vehicle (except an emergency vehicle or police
vehicle) must not use a hand-held mobile phone while the vehicle is
moving, or stationary but not parked, unless the driver is exempt from
this rule under subrule (3)

Penalty:  2 penalty units.

Note: Emergency vehicle, park and police vehicle are defined in the

(2) In this rule—

mobile phone does not include a CB radio or any other two-way radio.

(3) This rule does not apply to a driver if the Corporation has, by
notice in writing, exempted the driver from subrule (1).

So who needs a new law?

Bring on the ! Swoop down, peck out their eyes, take away their phones and poop on their windscreens.