Clearing the desk this evening and out came a list I thought I’d lost for every, the ubiquitous “Top Ten Favourite Songs of All Time.” I’m not sure how long ago I wrote it out, probably two or three years at least, a couple of weeks ago I was wishing I could find it to see how well it has weathered… In no real order:

  • Shivers, The Boys Next Door
  • A Song from Under the floorboards, Magazine
  • Wide Open Road, the Triffids
  • Pretty in Pink, Psychadelic Furs
  • Throw your Arms around me, Hunters and Collectors
  • Ziggy Stardust, David Bowie
  • The Wild, The Beautiful, and the damned, Ultravox
  • Far side of Crazy, Wall of Voodoo
  • Behind the wall of Sleep, the Smithereens
  • Know your product, the Saints

Hmm, no Ramones, no Damned. Ten songs is such an arbitrary number. The choice still stands today, I can’t think of any major changes. I wonder how it’ll look in another couple of years?