Silver Ray were launching a CD at the Rob Roy, Rob Snarski and Dan Luscombe supporting, in the back of my mind was a niggling thought that there was another support act but I couldn’t remember… the Rob Roy’s website is no use, just a big splash screen advertising the company who hasn’t created the website yet, maybe I was mistaken, maybe I’d been confused and counted Snarski and Luscombe as two acts…

Pink Stainless Tail. What can I say. Weird, loud, entertaining, thoroughly enjoyable. Simon, the lead singer looks as though he’ll burn out and explode right in front of your eyes. Not what I expected, not what I’d think would fit as a support for Silver Ray, but boy did they make an impression!

A long day, a sore throat, a hot smoky pub and a late support act meant that Silver Ray didn’t start until nearly midnight, by which time I could barely keep my eyes open. Great music to listen to from a comfy chair, but not so good at the time. After about half an hour I had to leave, I tried to find the CD they were launching to buy a copy but none could be found, maybe later then!

Time for a taxi home. First taxi that approached had his vacant light on, we tried to flag him down, he sat across the traffic lights from us and turned the light off then drove past with a cigarette in his hand β€” taxi drivers aren’t allowed to smoke. Half a dozen more then went past, all full, at last another vacant one. 80km/hr in a 60 zone, 70 in a 50 zone, straight through a stop sign. All standard taxi-driver behaviour, at least he followed the instructions and took us to the right suburb.