Packing, still packing. Boxes, boxes, boxes. A cold grey morning. A cool grey afternoon. Finally the sun came out late in the afternoon to a bright, clear, still spring sky.

Time for a break and to get out of the house, walk around the streets perhaps seeing some of them for the last time as a resident. Strong smells of jasmine in the air, everyones’ gardens are flowering. There’s no wind, warm sun, it was all very melancholy-inducing, knowing that we’re leaving Richmond, not knowing what we’ll find in Oakleigh…

Up through Richmond and around the river to Abbotsford, then meander back through the suburb. The Westons biscuit factory is scheduled to be demolished, so we took the opportunity to admire the industrial architecture at its finest. Finally took a photo of the National Trust listed Grosvenor school too, I’ve admired it for ages.

The Grosvenor school, a National Trust listed building and another of my favourites in the local area