Part two of memories and feeling melancholic — there was an article in this morning’s newspaper about smells triggering memories, then as I rode to work the air was still and humid and the ground soaking wet, at some point there was a strong smell of newly sawn pine, together with eucalypt from nearby trees — took me right back to almost six years ago!

There seems to be some part of the house-buying process that I wasn’t made aware of when we started: apparently all the “professionals” involved — e.g., bank, real-estate agent, legal fraternity — are allowed to stuff around, get things wrong, introduce week-long delays, etc. We, the poor amateur at the business, are expected, nay, are required, to be perfect and to do everything instantly — if not sooner!

The “Certificate of Title” for my flat must be present in the hot sweaty hands of the bank’s solicitors in Brisbane. Who cares that the solicitors took a fortnight to send us their paperwork, we have to send them our stuff immediately!