Two-twenty in the morning. Torrential rain hammering on the roof wakes me up. I can’t hear any drips inside, so I guess that’s a good thing..

Three-thirty, the rain finally stops and I can stop worrying about whether the roof will collapse!

Three forty-five, the possum leaps from the neighbour’s orange tree onto the roof, then skitters across the tin and vanishes.

Four o’clock. With daylight saving due to commence next week, its starting to get light and the birds are chirping already.

Four thirty-five. The first train of the day rumbles its way through Oakleigh station, a big diesel freight by the sound of it. For good measure, the driver blasts on the hooter just in case anyone is walking across the rail lines.

Five o’clock, the trucks and traffic are starting up on Warrigal road and I still can’t get back to sleep!

Somewhere around five-thirty I finally got back to sleep. I must have done, because I felt like death around eight when I woke up…

Will I or won’t I ride to work? Grey skies and light drizzle, not very pleasant to look at. All of a sudden the storms hit again. OK, that’s my mind made up then, I’ll be taking Jo’s car! A quick scurry across the road to the post office to pick up our passports, even that managed to get my shoes soaked. People everywhere were hiding in doorways, or battling recalcitrant umbrellas as they tried to stay dry. Back home, then dive into the car to get to work.

Along the way I did my good deed for the day. Stopping for petrol I spotted a shiny bicycle leaning against the wall of the servo, and the shivering young overseas student standing inside in soaked jeans and polo-shirt, my immense powers of deduction reasoned that maybe he might just be a Monash student… Aha, I was right, and yes, he did very much appreciate the offer of a lift to the uni!