It’s 9.50 in the morning, its 27 °C in the office, there’s no airconditioning, I’ve been here three minutes, and on the way I’ve had to deal with an idiot in a bike shop.

I am NOT having a good day.

sigh you would think that when someone tells you that your wheel will be ready that afternoon and they take your phone number, that there’s just the faintest chance that they might ring you up if they decide that they can’t do anything.

No, not a chance. Get up this morning, get dressed in bike gear, walk around to the shop with bike over shoulder. There’s my wheel sitting beside the counter, still bent from the , and with a note on it “needs new wheel.” Put tyre on wheel, put wheel on bike, walk bike home, get changed, drive to work.

11:00 — the day gets weirder…
One of our doors is missing.
Two carpenters apparently walked up the hallway, removed the hinge-pins,
and have taken our door away.
Nobody knows why.